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Classis car insurance is usually harder to find. That’s why if you want to take car good care of your classic car, muscle car or antique car you should compare the offers from more than one insurance company. There are many companies on the market offering this type of insurance, but just a few are specialized in the matter.

One of these companies is Hagerty operating on the market since 1991 and being one of the well known classic car insurance companies. Their policies include the agreed value coverage that means you will get back the full value of the car if it gets stolen or totaled. Moreover, a wide range of deductibles are available, while the price paid for the policy will also be lowered if you decide to buy Hagerty classic car insurance for more than one classic vehicle. Your claims are solved professionally as well by a collector car insurance expert which will be available seven days a week. And if your car needs repairs you get to choose the repair shop you trust and the Hagerty classic car Company will support your decision.

If your collection gets a new addition you will automatically receive coverage up to $50,000.  And if you are very interested in participating to classic car shows, you and your family will get medical reimbursement in case one of you sustains a injury during one of these shows. The Hagerty classic car insurance can include some other special policies as well such as coverage during a restoration process, foreign liability and property damage (useful if you participate in events held in foreign countries), coverage necessary while shipping the classic car overseas and many others. You should check out their offer and choose the opportunities that are of the essence for you.

There is also a Hagerty club, and for its members this classic car insurance company offers the optional Hagerty Plus program. This program is an opportunity to benefit from emergency roadside assistance and coverage for towing when necessary. The members also get subscription to the Hagerty magazine while a percentage of the fee involved by membership goes to The Collectors Foundation that is interested in preserving the love for classic cars by means of education.

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

You should also know that the Hagerty Company requests you to meet some conditions. If you are a driver with more than two traffic violations or accidents that took place in the last 3 to 6 years, your insurance request might be denied. You will also have to sign a contract that states the car will be used on a limited basis that includes shows and a few pleasure drives. If you want to be able to drive the car more often you will have to choose another classic car insurance company. But you will still have to prove you will park the garage in a proper locked garage optionally equipped with an alarm system.

Their insurance policies can be purchased for a variety of classic cars including street rods, muscle cars, antique fire trucks and even motorcycles along with some replica cars. Their offers aren’t valid for Cobra replicas, off-road vehicles and motorcycles or classic cars that were modified in order to obtain higher performance. The company will also provide insurance for exotic, limited edition cars or special interest vehicles as long as their owner considers them collectibles and drives them on a limited basis.

The Hagerty classic car insurance is one of the best options on the market as long as you meet their standards and you are okay with the restrictions they impose.

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