Happy 10th birthday, BMW X5! | Rpmgo.com

10 years ago, at the Detroit Motor Show, BMW introduced what would become one of their most important and successful car ever, the BMW X5. The car, which was sold in 845,000 units since then, is basically the one the created the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) segment, one of the most competitive ones in today’s market. The X5 still remains one of the most important players in this market, while the X range from the German carmaker extended with two new models, the X3 and the X6, and a fourth, the X1, almost ready for production.

If you like to see BMW bragging about their X5, make sure you read the official press release (a lot of numbers and awards there). So, happy birthday X5, you trully are one of the milestones in automotive history!

Source: BMW

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