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Cars are loved by a lot of people. But while some usually express their love while they’re in their prime, some decide to show those strong feelings even after death.

We’ve seen the Corvette-emblazoned tombstone last year but now a headstone for a BMW fan really took brand loyalty to a whole new level. It seems 51-year old Steve Marsh, a Ford engineer (irony!) loved the BMW M3 Convertible so much, that after his death, his family decided to commemorate his special connection with the German model.

As such, they had this lifesize (!) replica of a M3 Cabriolet made out of a block of solid granite, and flew it in from China. The weight of the impressive headstone is around one ton and required a crane and several men to put it in place at the funeral. To make the whole picture complete, a personalized license plate, ‘Steve 1′ was also added, as well as a fake parking ticket,

The cost for this whole project? Over $75,000. To put it into context, a brand new 2011 BMW M3 Convertible starts at around $67,000.

Still, as you can imagine, this unique headstone sparked a bit of controversy among workers and other people who had their loved ones burried at that cemetery. While some say they disapprove, most are still intrigued by the whole project. Gatekeepers warn that it might be targeted by vandals, but let’s just hope nothing bad will happen to this great expression of brand loyalty.

Source: Daily Mail

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