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One of the many “joys” of owning a car is the fact that you must pay an insurance, just in case you get into an accident or your car breaks down. In most countries these things are mandatory, meaning that if you don’t pay them, you’ll end up regretting, most of the times financially, either through fines, or not being able to repair your car right away.

Thanks to a great post on WiseBread, you can find out four great ways to save up even the tiniest amount of money on your insurance. Seeing as how the time of renewals is coming for most drivers, you should definitely check out those tips.

Besides the ones featured in that article, comparing insurance rates, checking your credit rating, combining policies and hunting discounts, I can also add a few of my own. Hit the jump to check them out

If you are a young driver, like myself, sometimes it is better to be on the lookout for family offers or just make the policy in the name of your mother or father, as many companies equal young drivers with dangerous ones.

You should also be on the lookout for tickets and try to challenge them in court wherever possible. After being fined for even misdemeanors, like speeding, you might find your insurance fee to go straight up.

In case you normally live in high risk areas, such as crowded cities, and temporarily move to other areas, with a lower cost, in case of college students, interns at various companies or even short-term military assignments, you might want to contact your insurance company and inform them. Many brokers will offer you a significant discount if the area you are now residing is less known for traffic accidents.

Last but not least, don’t forge to always check the fine print of your insurance contract, you’ll most likely find some clauses which make you go to specific repair shops or pay a special fee for any complaint you register.

Overall, car insurance is a necessary evil, but if you pay attention, you might get off paying much less than you would normally have.

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