Here are sketches of Subaru's version of the Toyota FT-86 concept |

We were treated yesterday to the official reveal of the Toyota FT-86 concept, a small, lightweight, rear-wheel drive car which will follow in the footsteps of iconic models like the Sprinter Trueno AE86, the Supra or the Celica.

But what might have slipped the minds of a few people is the fact that the new platform for the model was a result of a partnership between Toyota and Subaru, and that the latter company might also launch their own version of the lightweight coupe model.

I am saying “might” as a future model based on this platform will go against a long running reputation for Subaru, that of creating all-wheel drive cars which rely on safety but also on performance. Also, it might rival the already established Impreza model, which is quite popular these days.

But as a testimony that Subaru is at least tinkering with the idea are these new sketches, brought forth by the guys at Autocar, which reveal some early drafts of a Subaru-branded FT-86. Although it was believed that the model would be showcased alongside Toyota’s version at the Tokyo Motor Show, it seems that the presumption might be false, as Subaru didn’t reveal anything in the past few weeks.

Would you also like a Subaru-branded FT-86 or should Toyota handle the lightweight RWD coupe market and Subaru will stick with the AWD segment? Leave us a comment below.

Source: Autocar

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