Here's the world's most destructive drunk Russian driver |

You may be one of the best drivers the world has ever seen, teaching Michael Schumacher or Sebastien Loeb when they were kids how to handle a steering wheel, but once you get drunk, none of that expertise can help you.

Such is the case with this bloke right here, a Russian according to the watermark on it, which decided to take his Ford Mondeo in a parking lot after having one too many drinks. The result? One of the funniest drunk driver videos ever. The guy storms into the back of a parked car, and then backs up into a few steel pillars which, ironically, were intended to prevent parking in that area. After a few “professional moves” the guy leaves a lot of his Mondeo there and drives out of there. No details on what happened to him were revealed, so just enjoy the video below. For more news, you might consider following us on Twitter or subscribing to our site via RSS or e-mail, with more details in the column to the right of the article.

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