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1989 Lamborghini LM002

What most people don’t know is that Lamborghini wanted to get a United States military contract a few decades ago. Back in 1977, they made the Cheetah but failed to grab a contract with the US government. They didn’t give up and came back with another model, dubbed LM002. The car didn’t have a chance in front of the Hummer H1 which was a huge hit back in the days.

The Lamborghini LM002 was equipped with a V8 power unit developed by Chrysler. Due to this setup, the car had a very unpredictable handling and the prototype was completely destroyed during the testing procedures. Lamborghini made another one, the LM001, which was fitted with an AMC V8 engine. Unfortunately, the car had the same destiny as the first one. The company did not give up and made an updated version of the LM002 which was powered by a Countach V12 engine, front-mounted. The car was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1981.

The car became somewhat popular in the Middle East in both civilian and military versions. The first ones were introduced in 1986 in Brussels and were very attractive in the eyes of the Arab sheiks. These units had air conditioning, stereos and elegant leather interiors. With the very powerful V12 Countach engine, the car was capable of reaching 60 mph in only 7.7 seconds, onto a top speed of 125 mph. The car had to be equipped with a generous gas tank (76- gallon) taking into consideration that it was able to do only 8 mpg. The Lamborghini LM002 was fitted with Pirelli Scorpion run-flat tires that had an incredible price of $1,600 / tire.

1989 Lamborghini LM002

As far as the military version of the LM002 is concerned, it was more basic, but it did have opening roofs and mounts for machine guns (quite cool if you ask us). Lamborghini sold 100 units to Moammar Ghadafi and 40 cars to the Saudi Army. The Italian automaker only manufactured 301 units of the LM002.

According to ConceptCarz.com, the car in the pictures was in a private California collection for several years and it has been well-maintained. This year it was offered for sale at the famous RM Auctions as part of their Sports & Classics of Monterey. Before the auction, it had an estimated price of $80,000 – $100,000 and was offered without reserve. In the end, the car was sold for $77,000 (including buyer’s premium).

Source: ConceptCarz.com

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