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Well this is certainly something, it seems that a Sidney driver at the wheel of a Holden Commodore decided that racing through the night would be a good way to pass the time. And it sure was until he lost control, hit a stop sign and spun out of control.

But up until now, it’s like your every standard crash. What’s interesting is that he then hit a ramp-like earth hill which projected the performance sedan over a 2 meter fence and onto a single storey house in the suburbs of Sidney, Australia. It is also reported that the crash sent many debris to other roofs and projected the traffic sign over 120 meters down the road.

Police, in their infinite wisdom, say that speed and alcohol might have resulted in the crash, but they say that there are statements pointing to the fact that the driver of the Holden, alongside one passenger, were racing another vehicle.

While the crash may seem terrifying, it’s good to know that the two occupants of the car as well as the resident of the house, a young family with a three month old daughter, escaped unharmed and are out of danger, but with one hell of a story to tell.

“I have been to some pretty bad accidents, but this is genuinely a different and strange accident,” said Blacktown Police Local Area Command Inspector Adrian Grech. “To have an accident which starts 90m away and actually gets a vehicle airborne, there would have been substantial speed involved. We have had a report of another vehicle which was following behind (the car) but no one can say the vehicles were next to each other.”

Overall, it just serves to remember the fact that you might want to keep your speed in compliance with local limits and take your car to a professional track if you want to experience what it can do.

Source: HeraldSun

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