honda 3R-C –

While many carmakers set to appear at the Geneva Motor Show are exposing new models set to appear this year, or concepts which preview cars from the next few years, Honda will be setting its sights way into the future with a few interesting design projects.

First off, is the thing you see above, the Honda 3R-C concept, which has been designed and built as a minimal single-person urban transportation unit from the future. It uses an electric drivetrain to power three wheels. The seating position is pretty interesting, to say the least, and offers an increased amount of protection from side crashes than other such concepts.

It will be joined at the Honda booth by the retro-inspired EV-N concept, which was already shown in Tokyo last year. It uses a small electric engine, and even features a stack of solar cells on the roof, so that the battery can be recharged while it’s being parked.

Concept-haters will be happy to hear that the Euro-spec FCX Clarity fuel cell car will also be shown off in Geneva. The hydrogen-powered car is preparing to make its European debut, but the infrastructure in many countries still isn’t up to par to sustain such a model.

Either way, if you want to get a glimpse of the “future” at least according to Honda, you should definitely stop by the company’s stand next week when the Geneva show begins.


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