Honda adds another 378,758 vehicles to explosive airbag recall |

Airbags save plenty of lives each day, but it seems that some specific ones in Honda models can just as easily take them. Back in 2008, the Japanese company found out about a problem with the airbag inflator device, which can deploy the airbag with such violence that it (the inflator) can rupture, effectively sending its metal pieces like shrapnel in towards the driver and passengers.

At that time, around 4,000 2001 Accord and Civic models were recalled, but in July last year, the Japanese carmaker also added around 440,000 2001 and 2002 Accord, Civic and even 2002 Acura TL models to the recall.

Now, 378,758 vehicles, including 2001 and 2002 Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V and a few 2002 Acura TL models, are set to be recalled in the next few weeks into dealerships so that a fix can be implemented.

This isn’t Honda’s first big recall of the year, as it already called back 646,000 Fit/Jazz from all over the world due to a problem with the power windows, which could lead to fires erupting.

Source: Honda

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