Honda considers launching electric vehicles in major markets, still backs up hydrogen though –

Among all of the carmakers in the world, Honda is one of the most dedicated ones to the hydrogen fuel cell and what it can do for the future of vehicles all around the world. Its FCX Clarity is a shining example that the most abundant element on earth can power a regular car, and do it efficiently.

But it seems that due to a lack of infrastructure to develop and sell hydrogen-powered cars, the Japanese company is considering the launch of several conventional electric cars, running on batteries, in order to not loose its position on the market to other companies who are focusing on regular electric vehicles.

This statement was made by the CEO of the company, Takanobu Ito, which revealed that he is considering markets like the US, Europe and even Asia for the launch of several all-electric vehicles.

I for one back up hydrogen, and hopefully this will only be a small obstacle and when the infrastructure catches up to the research already being done in the field by manufacturers like Honda or Volkswagen, vehicles like the Clarity will prevail and we won’t have to sit and recharge the batteries every evening for our car.

Source: Reuters

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