Honda CR-Z will appeal to tuning fans, executive says |

Honda is marketing its newest hybrid endeavor, the CR-Z, as a sports coupe capable of eliminating the image of a slow but fuel efficient car from the minds of enthusiasts.

But seeing as how the car will be pumping out just 122 HP and 128 lb-ft of torque, not a lot of people are actually confident that this model will be any good.

You know what type of people will fall in love with the car, though? Tuners, at least according to John Mendel, executive vice president for automobile sales at American Honda. According to him, the spiritual ancestor of the CR-Z, the CRX, was a symbol for tuning enthusiasts. Because of that, they will absolutely fall in love with the new hybrid model.

Honestly, we’re having a hard time believing tuners might actually be interested in the car, at least from a mechanical standpoint. Sure, it looks pretty good and the aerodynamics will no doubt be top notch, but nothing short of an engine transplant will make it a great tuning choice.

What do you think? Are customizers going to fall in love with the Honda CR-Z hybrid? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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