Honda planning new NSX, but only as a race car |

Many car fans can remember the iconic Honda NSX supercar, a model which proved that even Japanese company can produce performance models that can fight with the best of them, including Ferrari or Lamborghini.

But as many of you sadly remember, Honda has axed the plans for a new version of the car. Now though, things have changed a bit, as the new regulations in Japan’s Super GT championship have banned the use of mid-engine sports cars during the races.

This means that the front-engined NSX project, which was shelved some time ago might be brought back in order to continue the company’s presence in the Super GT competition. But even though it will be brought back, it seems that it will be exclusively for this competition, and unless some new rules appear, it will be the only reincarnation of the NSX that we’ll see.

Source: PistonHeads via EGMCarTech

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