Honda researching EV battery technology in China, says a breakthrough is needed |

Honda has been covering all its bases in terms of future technologies, with projects involving hybrids, electric vehicles and even fuel-cell cars.

While many carmakers are just focusing on electric vehicles, Honda’s CEO, Takanobu Ito, has revealed that a breakthrough in battery technology is required in order to really make EVs profitable from a business standpoint.

In order to acheive such a thing, his company is currently looking into opening research centers in China, given the fact that the country has vast resources for such endeavors. Also, the government subsidies for research into electric vehicle technology are quite attractive, according to the Japanese executive.

Concluding, Ito revealed that another 10 to 20 years are required in order for electric vehicles to become reliable in everyday use and attractive from a price standpoint for the average consumer. Until then, Honda will continue to push hybrids like CR-Z (pictured above) and research other technologies.

Source: Autocar

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