Honda S2000 replacement gets new details, might feature hybrid power |

Honda made a name for itself with sporty models over the years. Sadly, the present isn’t the same, as the only sport-inclined model currently in the range is the new CR-Z hybrid coupe.

Still, that will change in the future, as the Japanese company is already patenting technologies for the successor of the S2000 sportscar, which was phased out late last year.

According to Autocar, the heir to the throne of the popular S2000 will use the Jazz/Fit platform, and feature a mid-mounted engine. Expect besides the internal combustion unit an electric motor, as hybrid power is deemed almost a certainty for the new car.

The use of aluminum and other lightweight materials is also rumored, in order to get the curb weight as low as possible and improve handling. Couple these things with a rear-wheel drive setup and a six-speed manual gearbox like the one on the CR-Z, and the S2000 replacement sounds extremely good.

The design of the car isn’t known at the moment, and the above picture is of the Honda S2000 Concept the Japanese company premiered a few years ago.

Sadly, voices are saying that the model will appear around 2014, when it will battle against Toyota’s own sportscar endeavors, like the production FT-86 or a hybrid MR2-inspired roadster.

Source: Autocar

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