Honda: The “Difficult is worth doing” project –

“Difficult is worth doing” is the name of Honda’s upcoming TV ad, one of the most expensive ever created. The TV spot will feature a team of 45 world class free fall skydivers which will perform some of the most complicated skydive formations ever attempted for the camera. The stunt coordinator for this commercial is BJ Worth and though he worked on some other difficult projects, including all the recent James Bond movies, he agrees that this is one of the most challenging aerial stunt sequences he has ever had to produce.

Before the final TV ad is released, Honda will present a few teasers that will keep us interested in the project. You can check out the first one below and you can also find it in our sidebar. Also, Honda started a blog for the project,, where, over the next few weeks, you can read about the making of this incredible commercial and you’ll also get behind the scenes insight into the challenges that the team has to handle.

And if that doesn’t convince you this is going to be a great commercial, here’s what Tony Davidson the Creative Director for the project says: “When you write scripts like this you just imagine anything is possible. It’s only when you start getting down to the nitty gritty of production that you realise what the real implications are. That said, in this world where post-production techniques mean most things are possible, it’s nice to be attempting something for real.”

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