Honda Working On New Assembly Plant For 2014 –

2011 Honda Accord

Honda is aiming to meet more of the demand coming from North America by building a brand new assembly plant in Mexico which will be open for business in 2014. The Japanese automaker plans to invest $800 million in this factory where they will roll out about 200,000 units per year. They will hire 3200 workers from the surrounding Guanajuato area.

This will bring the grand total of plants in North America to eight and will add to the automaker’s current Mexican production of 60,000 annually. If we add the production of Honda’s facilities in U.S., Canada and Mexico, they will roll out 1.83 million units, compared to the existing 1.63 million.

Honda isn’t the only car company that plans on opening up a plant there as Mazda stated a while ago that they’ll also open a new factor in Mexico while Hyundai is in negotiations with southern U.S. states regarding the possibility to open a new facility.

This can only be good news as the more they open, the more jobs are created.

Source: Honda via Autocar

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