How much money does Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson make ?

If you were curious to know how much money does Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson make, The Telegraph has managed to obtain this piece of information. Being the host of the most popular car-related TV show in the entire world, the British earned approximately 500,000 pounds, as well as an extra 350,000 pounds for various licensing fees.

However, this only represents pocket change for Clarkson because the big money come from the royalties derived from the show, which allowed the Englishman to grab 2.7 million pounds. It certainly is a lot of money for being the host of a show that has just 13 episodes every year.

It seems that Top Gear UK won’t be returning this year if we were to believe what Clarkson said during an interview given to a South African radio. Most likely, this has to do something with the upcoming Summer Olympics in London. However, chances are that we’ll see a Christmas special this year or at least another type of Top Gear special.

Regarding Top Gear USA, the American version will be returning on August 14th at 9 PM Eastern. The upcoming season consists of 16 episodes. This is the third season of the show and the first six episodes are going to be aired before the break, while the other 10 will arrive in 2013.

Source: The Telegraph, Motor Authority

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