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When it comes to leasing or buying people always have different opinions. Some of them say that at the end of the leasing term you don’t have anything to show for your money. People that say that don’t take into consideration the fact that, leasing makes the buyer pay for a given period of time of his choosing. On the other hand, buying means either a lot of money or a big finance, for which you have to pay for many months. The online calculating system from is able to show you the best road to take. Yet take heed that the system has been designed to compare leasing and buying, it doesn’t take financing into calculations. Since that is a very volatile and unpredictable option it makes it a lot harder to take into calculation.

Buying A New Used And Leasing A Car

Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are: Low down payments, despite the fact that many leasing deals are advertised with a claim on a down payment you can simply ask the dealer to limit it. The thing is that, the more cash you pay on the down payment at the contract singing, the less you will have to pay on monthly fees.

Since you pay only for the car’s depreciation, you have reduced monthly payments, compared to ones you would have to pay for a much longer period of time if you decide to finance the car.

And finally, the easy turnover option allows you to simply go back to the dealership when the 2 years lease expires (assuming that your car has been maintained properly and is in good shape) and you can simply ask for another brand new model for the next 2 years. That’s a great way to avoid the headaches gained from trying to sell it as a used car, or haggling with a dealer.

There are also some downsides to it as well, the first one being the lack of equity. Since you are simply paying a rent just like in an apartment, your leasing terms don’t finalize in owning anything. Compared to traditional financing, you cannot look for a day when you can finally say the payments are over and you’re heading on in YOUR car.

Another upsetting thing is the lack of flexibility. In case you have or want to get rid of the lease before term, you’re faced with the predicament of paying a high penalty fee that can be the equivalent of 4-6 months of payment, depending on the leasing company you choose.

You may find that the constrictions set on your vehicle may be unsettling. For example, just about any lease contract implies that for every extra mile you drive over a specified limit, you have to pay somewhere between 12 and 15 cents (which is ridiculously high). Usually you are limited to a number between 12000 and 15000 miles per year which is the average a driver makes. Keep in mind that you have to take very good care of the car, since each little damage sustain that’s over the usual wear and tear is deductable from your pocket. A good way to get rid of the mileage restriction is buying extra per year, at a reduced cost of an average of 10 cents.

And finally, you may not be well covered by insurance. In case of car theft or an accident in which the car is completely smashed, the insurance company will only cover the car for it’s market value, leaving you with your lease active and no car.

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For those of you interested in how to buy a new car for the lowest price, we figure out that you already know what model and maker you want, as well as a couple of options that you consider to be necessary. With the help of this article you will be able to save hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on your next car purchase, money that you can user for other purposes.

The very first step you need to accomplish is to enter the Internet (which you obviously did already) and use Google Maps in order to find the local nearby automobile dealers. By local we mean about 60-70 miles, depending on how far you are willing to go. Depending on where you live, you will probably have 2-3 dealerships in your area. We advise you to increase this area until you can get about 10 dealerships so that you have a much more relevant offer.

We all know what a big hassle it is to start haggling with a car salesman, which is why it is recommended to get prices information from at least 10 dealerships. Why you ask? Simple, because if you contact only 2-3 dealers, you will not be able to lower the price by telling them that you have found a better deal somewhere else. With other words, the more prices you know, the better chances you will have to lower them. For this particular reason, we recommend that you contact these dealers via telephone and let them know that you will be sending them an e-mail with a bid proposal. Try to keep the phone call as short as possible and get the following information: dealership name, name of fleet manager, fleet manager’s phone number and of course, the e-mail address.

You will be pleasantly surprise when making these phone calls because the fleet managers will most likely avoid using their selling tactics over the phone so you don’t have to worry about that. Most of them will be aware of the fact that you are a serious customer that has done a little bit of research in his attempt to buy a new car at the minimum price. We recommend that you make these calls during the early hours of the day, during the middle of the week as in these periods the dealers are not that busy. With other words, try calling Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The optimal time to call is during the last few days of the month when the dealers are struggling to meet sales quotas, meaning that they will be a little more flexible when negotiating. However, avoid putting things off until the last minute as you will need to give the process 2-3 days in order to finalize.

This issue of how to buy a new car for the lowest price will not give you headaches if you play it smart. After sending a couple of e-mails to the fleet managers you have contacted earlier, you should start receiving replies the very same day (especially from those dealers that have a solid follow-up process in place). However, this does not mean that your inbox will be full, on the contrary, as some people will be too busy or simply forget to reply your e-mail (we are all people here, we can and will make mistakes). If this situation occurs, and we assure you that it will, it is recommended to send another e-mail in a day or two. If you still will not receive an e-mail, it is advisable to call them again and ask them if they have received your e-mails. If you manage to call them again, you should try getting a bid while talking to them, or at least get their promise that they will send you one via e-mail.

Some of the e-mails you will receive might contain incomplete information as some of the managers have the tendency to send an “out the door price” without revealing any other information. In many cases they will only quote you a price without the amount over and under invoice. Contact again these dealers that don’t give you all the necessary info and ask them to give you the full picture. In most cases, they will send you all the info you need. If they don’t, stop contacting them as they just probably want to scam you.

After receiving all the offers from the dealers you contacted, it is now time to sit down and compare them very carefully. The very first thing you must do is to see what dealership offered the lowest price in relation to the invoice. After finding that out, check the add-on fees that you will have to pay. Sum up all the numbers and figure out who has the best deal for you, after adding all the extra costs you will have to pay.

Now it is time to call all the dealers in order to get the final bid. Once you do that you will have the lowest price available for the car you want in your area. You now must call the dealer and get all there is to it in writing, prior to going to the dealership. Some of them might trick into buying another car because the one you requested is no longer available. For this reason, you must ask the lowest bidder for something in writing that states that the dealership has the exact car you asked for, prior to going to the shop. This piece of paper must contain the MSRP, car identification number, invoice price as well as the other additional costs. After that, go to the dealership with the printout of the deal, sign the necessary paperwork, pay and take your new car for a ride.

The process of how to buy a new car for the lowest price can be a little bit complex, but it will save you a nice amount of money which you can use for other purposes.

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