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When buying a used car we have to take into consideration some of the risks that come with it. Of course, we choose a pre-owned vehicle to save money and if we know what car to choose, we’ll end up with a great vehicle for which we’ve paid half the price of a new one. One of the most significant problems with used cars concerns structural defects (like a bent frame) resulted after the vehicle was involved in a major accident. This article will tell you how to detect a bent frame when buying a used car.

The frame (chassis) is the structure that was designed to hold the entire car together. You need to know that many of the bigger mechanical components, like the suspension or the engine, are bolted or bonded to it. As a consequence, these major components may not fit as they should and can cause the misalignment of the wheels which can be very dangerous. The problem is caused usually by a major accident or by overloading the car. Here’s how you can find out if there are any problems with the frame of a car:

First of all, you’ll have to look out for potential gaps between the bonnet, trunk or doors. All major car manufacturers spend a lot of money for making sure that their vehicles are properly built, with sleek body lines. For this reason, when the car’s structural supports are not aligned as they should be, you may find this out by searching for uneven gaps between certain of the body panels, like hood, doors and trunk. Keep in mind that not in all cases a twisted frame is the cause of these gaps.

You also might want to take a closer look at the undercarriage and if there are any signs of unusual dimples in the frame or if you notice that two halves of the car might have been welded back together, the vehicle’s alignment might be off.

It may be almost impossible to get the car’s wheel aligned properly if the chassis has been bent and you will not be able to align them correctly until the chassis is straightened. Most of you know that if the car’s wheels are not aligned properly, you’ll have to change the tires more often due to the excessive and uneven wear. We highly recommend that you take the car to an alignment center and if there is something wrong, they’ll definitely tell you what needs to be fixed.

There is another way how to detect a bent frame when buying a used car, by looking at it from behind while it is driving on the road. Each of the vehicle’s wheels should track the one in front of it perfectly. In other words, the right rear wheel must appear to be in perfect alignment with the right front wheel; the same thing goes for the left wheels. If the frame of the car is bent, the back of the vehicle will most likely appear to steer to the right or left, although the front wheels are right. In many of the cases, this misalignment of the wheels might be caused by a broken center bolt on one of the leaf springs.

Needless to say, it can be very expensive to fix a bent frame. I for one would never buy a car that at one time during its life had this kind of issues, although it has been repaired, but in the end this decision is up to you.

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