How To Qualify For A Car Lease –

A car lease can be a solution for those who can’t afford to buy a new or used car but desperately need a vehicle. This is easy to achieve as long as you have a desirable credit rating, a rather clean driving record and if you can prove you have a regular income. These are only the basic rules, but if you want to benefit from the best lease offers on the market you will have to make wise decisions about your finances and your car choices.

The first step in determining if you qualify for a car lease is to get as soon as possible a credit report from Transunion, Equifax or Experian. It has been established that every individual can request a free credit report every year from any of these credit bureaus. The drawbacks that may not make you eligible for a car lease are the bad accounts and the records of times when you were late on your payments. Depending on how serious these issues are, the leasing company might reject your request or consider it but offer terms that put you in a disadvantage.

To improve your chances you should consider finding a reliable co-signer. When I say reliable I think about a person which can present proof of an above average credit history and with no undesirable records. A family member would be ideal and will lead the way to an affordable lease rate that will solve all your problems. Even if you find a co-signer you can also use in your advantage a clean driving record or an insurance policy that assures the leaser you are a serious customer. It’s very important for the leaser to know that his car ends up in good hands and that even in case of a serious accident you will have the possibility to cover the damages. It will definitely be a bonus which will make you eligible for the car lease of your choice.

When I say choice I think about an objective choice, a choice that agrees with your budget. Therefore, you should find a car make and model which is offered at a price that can be covered by your budget. You should seriously think about that especially if you have a lower income. You should also look for cars offered for leasing for which the leaser is offering a special incentive or discount. Any dealer usually has a list of the vehicles on which he offers special deals, so you should just ask him to provide that list. Based on the information you will easily make your final choice.

If you really want to qualify for a lease you shouldn’t be disappointed by the first dealer that says no. Perseverance is the key to getting the deal you are looking for. Another reason why you should visit more than one car lease dealer is your right to compare the rates available on the market and choose the most advantageous one. If you’re rejected by a large number of leasers that may mean that you’re trying to lease a car for which you don’t have the necessary finances. A solution would be to opt for a cheaper car or even for a used one. Don’t give up before exhausting all the possibilities. But if you really want a certain car you can consider saving some money for a larger down payment that will reduce the monthly rate and may determine the dealer to approve your request.

Those are the main steps that show you how to qualify for a car lease.

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