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If you are wondering how to sell a car on eBay, you have come to the right place. eBay Motors is one of the best places where you can sell your car as you can do it right away, usually in approximately 7 days. You have the possibility to set up a shorter action if you are not willing to wait that long. The website is pretty simple to use and our guess is that you will not have any problems listing your used car. The following tips will definitely come in hand the next time you want to sell a car.

First of all, you need to spend time doing a little bit of research in order to find out how much you can ask for the vehicle. For this reason, we recommend that you search previous eBay listings for cars similar to the one you want to sell and figure out a price that is in the same ballpark as the others.

When selling on eBay, pictures play a determinant role and for this reason, we highly advise you to take lots of them to make your car stand out. Make sure that you show all the parts of the car, including views from all sides. In addition, take a batch of photos with the interior, showing the gauges, the dashboard, front & back seats, radio, etc. Always take a clear picture of the odometer so that the potential buyer can see how much was the car used.

Open the car’s bonnet and take a couple of shots to show the state of the engine and other components. Take close pictures of the wheels so that the buyer will know the condition of the rims and wheels. If there are any scratches or dents, make sure that you get a picture of them. Showing that you are honest about the condition of the vehicle will give you better chances at selling the car.

Moving on, documentation is also important when listing your car up on eBay Motors. First of all, make sure that you have the title of the car and a bill of sale from your local DMV. In some states, you will have to get a smog inspection form. Prepare all the necessary paperwork as you would do in a regular car sale.

You will also have to create an item description, think of it as the voice of the salesman, only in written words. Here you should add the following: vehicle history, defects and selling terms.

Let’s start with the car’s history. Write down a couple of short paragraphs describing what you know about the vehicle’s history. Are you the original owner? Has the car been involved in any accidents? If you own maintenance records, this would be the best place to mention them. If you replaced any parts recently, make sure that you put it down in writing. Any additional info is valuable to a potential buyer.

As far as the defects are concerned, a potential buyer will certainly want to know about those flaws that you couldn’t capture in photos. Write down any known defects so that the buyer will know the real state of the car.

Regarding selling terms, write what forms of payment you accept. In addition, mention about any required deposits as well as a deadline for the payment. Selling cars on eBay Motors requires just about the same details for the selling terms as when you sell it in person.

Now, let’s talk about eBay’s auction formats, there are two of them: auction format and fixed price format.

Auction format – you will have to set a bid start price as well as a reserve price. The starting price will be the amount of money that the first bidder will have to offer in order to start the auction. We recommend that you set a low starting price so that you will get more bids. You don’t have to worry about selling the car at a very low price because you have the option to set a reserve price, which is the lowest possible price at which you are willing to accept for the car.

Fixed price format – this format will allow you to set a “buy it now” price. This is not an actual auction per say, more like a fixed store price.

Taking all these into consideration, now you know how to sell a car on eBay. It isn’t rocket science, as you can see these are pretty standard and intuitive procedures that anyone can follow without any efforts.

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