How To Start A Car Auction –

Auctions are the favorite events of many car buyers and dealers because these events represent a chance for them to find better deals due to the bidding process that takes place before the sale is finalized. The prices are usually lower because they don’t include anymore the dealer’s expenses for the space where he keeps the car, for his employees and the utilities. Another feature of these auctions is that they take place all across the USA. If you want to know how to start a car auction in the area you live I’m about to offer you some useful advices.

So, if you want to start a car auction, you need to have some money available. A minimum of $2,500 is absolutely necessary because there are costs involved by starting up an auction. Most of the money will be used for the license, the marketing aspects and the automobiles that will be auctioned. You will also have to invest your personal time and energy, because any business needs a good leader, especially a car auction. If you plan on starting a car auction just as a hobby or for the purpose of earning some extra money, you will still need to dedicate three hours a day to keep all the details under control.

The competition is another factor that will affect the success of your auction, so you should be aware of the other similar events organized in the area and of their offer. If not many are organized, you should make sure that the dates don’t match. Otherwise you should consider another location. You will also need a business plan that will help you take the important decisions. For example you will need to decide if you want to organize an auction that allows online bidding or only physical bidding or both. To make sure you have the costs involved by the business plan under control, you should open a separate bank account for your business.

To actually start the car auction you should register your business and pay the necessary fee in order to be able to get the business license you need from the office of the Secretary of State. You should expect to pay any amount between $100 and $500. You will also need a tax ID and knowledge about the taxes that apply to car auction sales in your state. After you deal with the legal issues you can start looking for a location to host your event in. You can even decide to lease on short-term a location if you hate having to look for a new one each time the event is scheduled to take place. A real estate agent may be able to save you some valuable time.

The main actors are of course the automobiles so you should look for great deals that you’re sure will bring a lot of profit. You should definitely check out government car auctions and car wholesalers that are great sources, especially if you are a regular client. Once you have the inventory ready, a date and a location set and all the details figured out you will need to take care of the advertising. You need to make sure people have the chance to hear about the event you are organizing because otherwise you can’t expect it to be successful. To attract more clients, when you start the car auction, you should include some promotions.

After the first auction takes place, you will feel more confident. Don’t forget to make sure the vehicle is delivered and the payment is made and registered.

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