Htt Plethore Lc 750 |

When you talk about supercars, few countries come to mind: Italy, Great Britain or North America. But it seems that a new one will join the “club,” as Canadian company HTT has just revealed the Plethore LC 750, a new 750 HP (duh!) supercar, which will be formally revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The car, it seems, has been in development for at least six years, seeing multiple iterations, but it seems that this is the final one, which will go into production and be available worldwide at the beginning of next year. Bringing some high end power, courtesy of the 6.2 liter V8 engine which, as I’ve said, developers 750 HP. Combined with the aggressive design and the fact that it will have a central seating position, much like the famous McLaren F1 supercar, it will certainly give those at the Frankfurt show something to see.

Thankfully, with the help of the guys from AutoBlog, a few pics have surfaced with the car, and we have to admit that it looks very interesting. One of the standout features will most definitely be the scissor doors, which open at a higher degree than average Lamborghinis. The gorgeous rims and large width are also impressive and will make this supercar stand out from the pack.

It seems that already 10 cars have been pre-ordered by enthusiasts and plenty more will arrive when the factory will put the finishing touches and produce it. The asking price starts at 395,000 Canadian dollars, meaning it make North American pay a bit over 330k for this supercar from the North. Stay tuned for more impressions straight from the Frankfurt show floor.

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