Hummer H3 with the strangest wheels we’ve ever seen |

Since we started Auto Unleashed, we’ve seen a lot of crazy and weird tuning programs and accessories for cars, and this Hummer H3 with 32 inch wagon wheels is definitely one of the strangest. I mean, I know Hummer is going through some rough times right now, but can’t afford to put some decent wheels on the car? We’re kidding, of course. However, fortunately, we’ll never get to see this on the streets, because it’s a ‘work of art’ by Matthew Harrison, that will be on display at the Zoo Art Fair, between October 17 and 20, in Old Burlington Road, London. Thought the artist describes the car as a “mixture of art, engineering and motoring,” we can’t stop wondering about the engineering and motoring part…I mean, this thing actually works?!

Photo Gallery: Hummer H3 with wagon wheels

Source: Hummer.

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