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Whatever say about it, Hummer‘s current situations isn’t the most craved after in the whole automotive industry, as GM is preparing to get it off its hands and sell it to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong corporation for just $150 million, a deal which might get signed at the beginning of December.

But Hummer does have a plan for its future though, as its CEO, Jim Taylor, revealed that alongside the company, Sichuan will also receive plans for the H4 model, and has expressed the points that the company wants to address as soon as the new Asian ownership is confirmed.

First on the agenda will be the revamp of the brand, as the Chinese company is eager to invest in marketing and get rid of the image everyone has when it thinks about Hummer, of big, heavy gas guzzlers which are of limited use.

Secondly, the company plans to sell more cars next year and get more models in the showrooms in order to get the attention of prospective buyers. The aforementioned marketing will also play a key role in this goal.

Last but not least, and perhaps the most important thing, the Hummer CEO revealed that it plans to release a H4 model, which will be smaller than the H3 (that’s not saying a lot) and based on the HX concept (shown above) it showed last year in Detroit. Rumors also indicate that this H4 might even receive a hybrid version in order to improve fuel economy. An even smaller H5 is also on the drawing board, to attract people who want a smaller, but practical off-roader, with top notch fuel economy.

Overall, these are some big goals from Hummer, but until the ink is drying on the contract between GM and Sichuan Tengzhong, nothing is for certain.


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