Hummer has one possible buyer but GM might not be interested |

The Hummer saga isn’t over just yet, as new reports are hinting that a buyer might still be interested in the SUV brand, which is scheduled to be closed down by General Motors.

The company in question, Raser Technologies, already has a decent amount of experience working with Hummer models, as the company made an electric conversion kit for the heavy H3 SUV. It seems Raser was interested in the brand before China’s Sichuan Tengzhong made its offer, but GM favored the Chinese corporation. Another offer was made after talks with Sichuan failed, once again to no avail.

Reports also indicate that because Raser might turn future Hummer models into extended range electric vehicles (E-REV), GM is reluctant to go ahead with the sale. As you may already know, the carmaker is working hard to launch its own E-REV, the Chevrolet Volt, later this year.

The first Raser Hummer H3 EV prototype managed an impressive 100 mpg+ fuel average, while being able to run on electric power for over 40 miles. These numbers are awfully close to the Volt figures, and given the extra weight of the H3, show that Raser did a better job than GM.

Given the fact that Raser might turn Hummer against GM and that the company already announced that it is moving forward with the wind down process, the SUV brand isn’t looking very good.

Source: TheCarConnection

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