Hummer will be shut down, GM says |

Despite last minute attempts to rally up support for the Hummer brand, representative Nick Richards revealed that GM will continue the wind down process and won’t take any more offers for the troubled SUV brand.

This practically means that Hummer is soon to be extinct. As you can remember, GM tried to sale the bleeding brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong, but the negotiations hit a dead end, leaving Hummer without any potential buyer.

The leadership chain is going to be retired, while the remaining stock of Hummer models will be subjected to big incentives. Also, a new campaign advertising that “this is your last change to buy a Hummer” will soon be aired, so that the stocks can be depleted as soon as possible.

GM said it is aware of the upcoming ‘Save Hummer‘ summit in Chicago, but declined to say if it will send representatives. With this new statement though, the brand doesn’t stand a chance.

Source: Automotive News

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