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Ferrari has recently revealed more details about its hybrid endeavors, including the 599 hybrid prototype it will be showing next month at the Geneva Motor Show and the future plans for implementing such a technology into production models.

First off, company boss Amedeo Felisa revealed that the hybrid 599 has been used for almost a year, and has improved the fuel average of the stock 599 GTB Fiorano by 25%. Sadly though, such an improvement came with a price, as the hybrid setup added another 176 pounds (80 kg) to the curb weight of the sportscar, something which Ferrari always wants to avoid.

But even though the prototype will be showcased next month, don’t expect production hybrid models to roll off the Maranello assembly line at least for another five years, according to Felisa.

“The technology is not ready,” he said. “The suppliers are not ready. Everything is underdeveloped. There is a lot of work to so. It is not for tomorrow. We haven’t decided when [it will be introduced]. It will be around 2015, but not before five years.”

The Ferrari exec added that the team which worked on the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) setup for last year’s Formula 1 race car has been moved into another department, in order to develop other technologies to make Ferrari models greener. It is expect, according to Felisa, that the current hybrid systems his company is working on will be easily fitted to all of the current car setups, front or mid-mounted engines, and all types of units, be it V8 or V12.

Source: Autocar

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