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The Fiat 500 is a trully great car, that enjoys a lot of popularity, due to its small size, perfect for the big cities, its economical nature, getting pretty good fuel averages, and its retro look, a true modern classic. And Fiat is definitely having a lot of work to do to honor all the demands in the European markets, but that hasn’t stopped them to further experiment on the little model, a report surfacing that the italian manufacturer is planning a hybrid version of the small cult-car.

This wouldn’t be a big surprise, after presentig the Fiat Panda Aria concept last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it was only natural that Fiat would further modify the 900 cc engine, this new version of the 500 being powered by one, coupled to an addapted battery pack, which should provide emission under 90 g/km of CO2, and a fuel average of about 2.94 L/km or 80 mpg. These modifications to the engine would make its power in naturally aspirated mode to be about 65hp (48kW) and in the turbocharged mode around 105hp (78kW).

The 500 hybrid is supposed to debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next year. Other features to be seen on this car are a stop-start ignition system and a dual clutch gearbox to take it’s fuel average even lower. One thing is for sure, the 500 will get even more popular after this hybrid version will be launched, the term eco-friendly gaining it a new boost in popularity.

Source: MotorAuthority

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