Hyundai denies creating Sonata-based coupe |

Posted on 14-10-2009 by Andrey

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The Internet was buzzing with rumors lately after a presumed image of a new Sonata-based coupe from Hyundai surfaced. This led to a lot of speculations on whether it is the much talked about Veloster model or if it is a new version of the mid-size sedan from the Korean manufacturer.

Now though, a source from inside the company has talked about the image and proclaimed it to be nothing but fiction and that Hyundai isn’t planning on releasing any type of coupe model based on the 2010 Sonata / i40.

It would seem that the four-door version is enough for the Korean company, which will continue to market the Genesis rear-wheel drive coupe as the best two-door fun you can have with one if its models. Don’t forget that the eagerly awaited Veloster is also in testing, which will offer a bit of fun but with a great mileage, according to the Korean company.

Source: Autoblog