Hyundai stops sale of 2011 Sonata, recalls units over door latch problem |

Hyundai was extremely busy these past couple of weeks with the launch of the brand new 2011 Sonata in the US, a model which it hoped would generate big sales.

Sadly, it seems the launch didn’t go without a hitch, as Hyundai has just announced that it will recall all new Sonata models sold (around 1,300) and stop the sale of the ones already in dealerships due to a malfunction in the driver and passenger door latches.

“The [Sonata’s] front doors incorporate a convenience feature that allows a locked door to be unlocked and opened by pulling the inside door release handle without first unlocking the door with the inside door lock switch. If a front inside door lock switch is held in the locked position while the inside door handle is pulled to open the door, the door latch may malfunction. If this occurs, the inside door handle will not return to its normal, stowed position and the door latch will remain in the unlatched position when attempting to close the door.”

Hyundai also revealed that the rear doors aren’t affected by this problem, as they don’t have the specific mechanism fitted. Replacement parts are being shipped out to dealerships across the US, and it is expected that the fixing procedure will last around one hour per vehicle.

The few customers who already received their 2011 Hyundai Sonata are advised to contact dealerships and schedule a meeting. While the defect isn’t life threatening, I’m pretty sure some people would want to get out of the car fast in dangerous situations.

Source: Autoblog

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