hyundai veracruz –

Hyundai is doing extremely well lately, pushing out new, redesigned models and achieving great sales in both the US and abroad.

Still, it seems that there are models from the South Korean company which aren’t really runaway hits. One such example is the Veracruz SUV.

It seems that because people aren’t that interested in the three rows of seats the Veracruz offers, Hyundai has some different plans for the next few years. According to the guys at Autoblog, the range-topping SUV will continue to live on for a couple years, but after that it will be replaced by a long wheelbase version of the Santa Fe.

Seeing as how the smaller Tucson (or ix35 in Europe) has already received a fresh design, the next generation Santa Fe isn’t that far away. Those with a sharp memory will also remember that the current Santa Fe was available with three rows of seats up until recently. The option was discontinued with the 2010 Santa Fe, due to low sales.

A long wheelbase version would make the option much more attractive, so there is some reason behind replacing the Veracruz.

Still, until we hear it from the South Korean company, take it with a grain of salt.


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