Illegal Street Races in Florida: Corvette vs Mustang Showdown

  • The Florida Highway Patrol suspects that a Corvette was participating in an illegal street race with a silver Ford Mustang.

Well, strap in folks and buckle up your seat belts in your practical four-door sedans, we’ve got a high-octane, tires-squealing spectacle on our hands here.

Nicholas Cage would be so proud to see his iconic movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” given such a heartfelt, albeit illegal, tribute on the sun-splashed roads of Florida.

Who knew that real life could give the Fast and the Furious a run (or should we say race) for its money?

In a twist made for cinematic moments, we’ve got a Corvette playing what I can only assume is the Vin Diesel character in this live version of street racing. The co-star? A silver Ford Mustang. Cue the revving engines and cloud of exhaust.

But I gotta tell you, in my best dad voice, street racing – that’s not cool, kids. The only races we should see Mustangs and Corvettes enter are on tarmac circuits approved for racing, not public highways with unsuspecting patrons suddenly thrust into the role of hapless extras. Let’s just hope this doesn’t spark all-round escalated petrol-head pavement auditions. On a serious note, peeps, let’s keep racing to the professionals, and our roads safe.


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