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Buying a used car is for many a budget friendly decision. If you decide to buy a used car you should know that every American state has laws which govern such purchases and are meant to protect both buyers and sellers.

The state of Illinois offers to buyers of new cars the support of a Lemon Law, but this law has also been extended to used vehicles that meet two criteria: aren’t older than a year and haven’t been driven for more than 12,000 miles. So, if you buy such a used vehicle and later on a car problem prevents you from using the car for 30 days in a row and all the attempts of the dealer who sold you the vehicle fail to solve the problem, you can seek the government’s help in order to determine the dealer to respect the manufacturer’s warranty. That means you will be able to ask for a refund or for another similar vehicle.

The Illinois used car laws also contain a reference to implied warranties. When you buy a used car, the dealer or any other seller is obliged by law to let you know of all the mechanical problems he is aware of before finalizing the transaction. This rule is stipulated in the UDAP used car law (Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices) and is meant to protect buyers from the illegal sales tactics some dealers practice.

Another Illinois used car law that is meant to protect consumers refers to the warranty of the used car’s powertrain. This law actually specifies the terms that such a warranty should include. The dealer is responsible for the essential parts of the car such as the engine and the transmission, so if one of these components breaks but not as result of an accident or of a owner’s reckless action, the dealer will have to help with the repair bills. This Illinois law protects a used car during the first 30 says of use and assures the buyer that the dealer will be responsible for paying a percentage of the expenses involved by the repairs. For example, if the used car you purchase it’s no more than two years old the dealer will cover 50% of the repair bill, if the car is two or maximum three years old the percentage is reduced to 25% while for used cars three or four years old only 10% of the costs will come out of the dealer’s pocket. In case you buy a used car more than four years old you won’t benefit from this law’s protection.

A last chapter that is specified in any state’s used car law is that which refers to taxes. Any Illinois car purchase is the subject of sales tax. If you fail to bring prove that you’ve paid the necessary taxes, you won’t be able to finalize the process of getting your car’s title. The forms necessary are provided by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Depending on the type of transaction you are involved in, you will have to choose one of the three forms available. If the car was a gift or if you closed a deal with a private party, then RUT-50 is the form you will need. If you have realized that is more advantageous to buy the car from another state and then register it in Illinois, you will need to fill the form RUT-25. A third scenario involves buying a former leased car that belongs to a company located in a different state than Illinois. In this case you will need a ST-556 form.

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