In-car connectivity from TeleNav Auto 2.0 –

A few days ago, TeleNav has announced the launch of a new version of its automotive navigation platform. We are talking about TeleNav Auto 2.0, which integrates the phone, cloud and car and sets a totally new standard in in-car connectivity. The new versions tries to improve the driving experience, making the sending / receiving / exchange of information easier for users who are driving, everything available on hands-free system.

Let’s see how exactly the new version works! Users can send the destinations to the car and then just drive there, having full easy access to contacts, schedule and locations. To all this, the cloud can be accessed for getting information about places to visit, search algorithms, mapping data, real-time traffic, weather, gas prices and different other dynamic content. The good part for manufacturers is that TeleNav Auto 2.0 supports HTML5 apps, which means they do not have to update the vehicle’s software for updating their services.

Beside all those things, TeleNav will also provide information to the car’s electronic system, which to improve intelligent safety or fuel efficiency decisions adapted to road’s condition (curvature, grade, blank, speed-limit, road type or signs).

So, TeleNav 2.0 can now be founded at OEMs and Tier1 suppliers.

Have you ever used in-car connectivity on your car?

[Source: Marketwatch, Photo]

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