infinity m35 hybrid –

Seeing as how the US market has developed a “healthy appetite” for hybrids these days and how its arch rival, Toyota, is benefiting with the Prius and the Lexus hybrid models, Japanese company Nissan has just revealed the first hybrid model which it will launch under its luxury Infinity brand.

The Infinity M35 Hybrid will go on sale in 2011, preceded by the normal, gasoline-powered M model which will be released in the US in the middle of 2010. The new car will still be rear-wheel drive, but will have its own hybrid drivetrain, fully developed by Nissan.

The electric motor will run in tandem, thanks to a twin-clutch arrangement, with the normal 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 gasoline engine. Running modes include the electric engine helping the normal one during acceleration, but also being able to charge the battery with power from accelerating and braking.

A big improvement flaunted by Nissan is the new “laminated” lithium-ion battery pack, which will occupy the same amount of room as a normal pack, but will offer almost twice the amount of power, thanks to the aforementioned lamination, which will keep the batteries cooler and regulate the temperature.

“The M35 Hybrid maintains a high performance luxury sedan profile, overlaying it with the fuel economy and CO2 emissions of a smaller car, while delivering driving flair to please any enthusiast – complete with charismatic V6 and rear-wheel drive handling,” said Infiniti in a press release.

This new model will no doubt take the fight to Lexus’ GS450h, and it seems that the battle will be quite fierce. What say you? Would you choose this new M35 hybrid or is the Lexus the more “safe” choice? Don’t be shy to drop a comment.


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