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Ever since the three cars were announced, a couple of years ago, we were wondering, which is gonna be the best, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Dodge Challenger or the new Ford Mustang? And InsideLine had the chance to bring all these three cars together and compare them. I personally have been in love with the Camaro ever since I’ve seen the first photos of the concept, which looked incredibly. I had the chance, last autumn, to see the Camaro and the Challenger in the flesh, at the Paris Motor Show and I still kept my opinion that the Camaro looks better. I didn’t see the new Mustang live, but I don’t see major changes to the car so, to me, the winner of the “muscle wars” was the Camaro. But only judging by the looks, because I have no idea how each one feels like behind the steering wheel. And here’s where InsideLine comes to the rescue and this are their final opinions.

If you want something that plucks your heartstrings like no other car, the Challenger is it. Racers will probably gravitate toward the spry and established Mustang.

But there can only be one winner, and the Camaro SS is clearly that. No longer does it have to apologize for its performance with a bang-for-the-buck cop-out — though it handily snatches that crown, too. It packs a talented chassis, performance and, yes, attitude at a price within the reach of working-class stiffs.

There’s little more to be said than the Camaro is back. In a big way. And SS once again truly means Super Sport.

Now all I can do is dream that one day I’ll have the chance to drive this beauty…Hello, GM, anyone there? And if you like any of these three, you really need to check the InsideLine test, they’ve also got a video (click here).

Source: InsideLine

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