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If you do a lot of travelling outside your homeland, you might be interested in an international car insurance policy. In the vast majority of the cases, drivers who travel outside their country are not covered by the regular insurance. There are only a few domestic carriers that provide international insurance as part of the standard coverage to customers. However, most of them will offer a separate international policy for their clients that drive in other countries.

These insurance policies are written for various periods of time, stretching from one month to even an entire year. If you plan on going to another country only for a brief period of time and it is one of the few times that you will be travelling this year, we recommend that you stick to the public transportation and taxis. On the contrary, if you plan on staying for a long time or you will be making lots of trips across the border, it would be best to either take your own car or rent one once you arrive at the destination.

The price for such type of insurance varies greatly between countries, depending upon how dangerous or safe it is to drive in a specific country. For example, you won’t pay a lot if you plan on going to Canada as it is considered to be a safe place to drive. On the contrary, for Mexico you will get high fees as it is considered to be quite expensive to drive there. As a general rule, the price for an international car insurance policy is bigger in comparison to a domestic one; in some cases it is way more expensive.

You need to know that there are many countries that do not have a legal requirement as far as auto insurance coverage is concerned. Despite this, if you do a lot of driving in a foreign country on a regular basis, we recommend that you get coverage so that you will be protected from the other drivers, from any possible quirks that you might not be aware of about concerning laws, and of course, to protect you from theft.

Probably the easiest and most accessible way to obtain this type of insurance is by searching online among the most reputable insurance companies. Some of these companies will offer the international coverage through a partnership with another company in a foreign country. We recommend that you choose a good company for this type of service as not only you will get good coverage, but at the same time you will have peace of mind knowing that you are covered by a well-known company that treats its clients in a professional way.

In the United States, GEICO is one of the companies that can provide such services. They have a partnership with a subsidiary called International Insurance Underwriters to search local car insurance firms in the area that you plan on going to. AIG also offers this service through American International Underwriters and they specialize in offering insurance policies for those people that live in other countries for a temporary period.

It is best to get an international car insurance policy if you plan on driving a lot outside of your country’s borders. As they say, better safe than sorry.

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