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Shipping a car even from a continent to another has become a synch. If only a couple of years ago you were about as worried about getting the car home as you were about finding it, now you simply go for it. Travel half around the world, find the car that you want the most and the shipping company will get it home for you in no time. Still not convinced? Check out some of the most popular car shipping companies on the market and if you’re not convinced, go for it, get a quote and you’ll see what happens.

One of the best international car shipping companies on the market is Elite Auto Shipping, which can be found at They are a serious and reliable car shipping company which will get your car to any location completely safe and sound. To make things even better they offer a full insurance coverage for the ENTIRE transport duration. Their services are for just about anyone. From their beginning till this very day, they provide transport for corporations, manufacturers, governments, private parties, and non profit organization.

International Car Shipping

Currently the most popular choice on the car shipping market is, their very own, Open Auto Transport. Anyone that has driven on highways must have seen them in action. Their massive trailers roam the highways in all directions, to any destination. Those giants bear two levels where cars are loaded and fully secured. In case you feel the need for extra security, you can very well head for the Enclosed Auto Transport. This is the usual method of transportation for high value classic or exotic cars and it’s used especially when cars with brand new paint jobs. Yet no matter what type of transportation you use, they will handle everything, from loading up your car, securing it, setting departure and arrival times to the ship transport and destination, and all you have to do is click on “Request a free quote” and fill up an online form that will take you no more than 90 seconds.

Another transport company with a real “hands-on” approach is the All America Auto Transport which you can check out at They have been in the transporting business since 1964 and have shipped vehicles all around the world. The aaa auto transport is one of the top players on the car shipping market. They bring to the table highly competitive car shipping rates, a complete customer service, and an amazingly clean record of transportation. Hundreds of individuals, equipment for the military and government personnel are satisfied with the services provided by the “aaat”. For them car transporting is a task that requires organization, speed and most of al care. Therefore they will treat your car like it would be their on, inside that trailer.

Customer satisfaction is the most important rule in the car shipping business, therefore All America’s frequent transporting schedules can only mean very little time spent waiting. With a fleet that contains the incredible number of 500 trucks (unbelievable I know) which are equipped and built the same way as the ones that deliver new cars to or from the manufacturers, they can fit you into their schedule in no time. Each truck that rolls on the highway is completely insured by public liability and cargo insurance. Furthermore, your customer insurance remains active until ALL stages of transport have been done.

Their transport services are swift and efficient and they keep a constant watch on each competitor’s rates, being able to match, and surpass most of them.

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