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Nowadays, virtual markets have become as important as the physical ones. The volume of transactions is impressive, but there are still many of us reluctant, asking ourselves if it is safe to buy a car online.

In my opinion, you can safely buy a car online as long as you use a reliable and well-known site and you are aware of the main principles of online shopping. Let’s take the example of eBay which is one of the largest online markets. This website has a special section for cars, called eBay Motors which is an online auction site. With more than 10 years of experience on the market, it’s a website that offers people products at affordable prices trying in the same time to make them feel sure about the quality of the product they’re bidding for. Despite their efforts you might still feel like you’re risking your money. If you want to make sure it is safe to buy a car online you can consider following some steps that will reduce the risk involved.

First of all you should use for your car purchase the services of PayPal. That’s because PayPal is owned by eBay that will certainly do its best to protect your investment. One you decide upon a car you will be requested a deposit. If you realize that the car is not what you expected it to be you will be able to get your money back if you pay with PayPal. When you buy a car online it is also wise to obtain the car’s history report. The only condition is that the car needs to be a model manufactured after 1981. On eBay you have the option to “order” online a history report for the car you want to buy. It will cost you around $100, but considering that you are about to pay thousands of dollars on a car you haven’t seen, that’s an insignificant expense that will make you sure of your choice.

Another way you can make sure it is safe to buy a car online is by trying to find a car that is being sold by a person who lives in your area. The diversity of cars on eBay and on any other car auction website is wide enough to provide you with the car you want in the right location. The advantage is the opportunity to personally take a look at the car and even have a mechanic accompany you for an inspection.

Another reason why I can say it is safe to buy a car online is because some of these websites offer some feedback on the sellers. On eBay, any buyer has the possibility to rate his car’s seller. That feedback score can be useful for the next buyers that will be aware of problems that may occur when buying from a certain seller. The only problem is that many of the sellers on eBay are one time sellers, but if you’re buying the car from a dealer or a car collector you should consider his feedback score.

For an extra level of safety, there are websites like eBay which also offer vehicle purchase protection. This protection comes with a number of restrictions but you should definitely try to take advantage of it if possible. All you have to do is read the restrictions and determine when you can feel safe even if something goes wrong with the purchase.

In the end, if you follow these guidelines and you rely on websites like eBay you will feel it is safe to buy a car online.

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