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Season 13 of Top Gear is almost here and the rumors about who The Stig real is once again start to show up. According to one of the lucky dudes to be in the audience at the first episode of the season said that Michael Schumacher was revealed as the real Stig and he showed up driving a Ferrari FXX.

I was at the top gear recording earlier on today for the first episode of the new series, and the Stig was revealed to be… Michael Schumacher!! this was very unexpected, but totally believable in the end. His full unmasking will be shown on BBC 1 on saturday at 9pm in the UK! attached are a few shots of his FXX which he was putting around the track. The rest of the episode is a interview with schumacher, a hot lap in the lliana and a race between a steam engine, a bike and a 1940’s jaguar.

I hope this is useful!

Hmm, I don’t know what to say about this, but it doesn’t really look like something Top Gear would do. I mean, they keep The Stig’s identity a secret for 12 seasons and now they decide to reveal him? Not to mention that this secret has been one of the show’s attraction since its debut and knowing who he is would really spoil it. But who knows, maybe this is some other meme the guys are playing on us and on all the rumors about The Stig’s identity. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, here’s the funny trailer for the Season 13 of our favourite TV show, released earlier this month.

Update: One of our readers who also attended the show, confirmed this:

The a above is true, I was at the filming on wednesday also, michael comes into the studio dressed as the stig and takes the helmet off , still not sure how long he has been the stig , or if was a one off ? But for this new episode in the new series he is unvailed. Waited 4 years for tickets to top gear!

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