Is The 2013 Ford Fusion Worth $39,000?

Each year, car manufacturers like Ford reveal their newest cars during car shows like the Detroit Auto Show. The January 2012 edition of this show was just the perfect setting for Ford to reveal its 2013 Ford Fusion. What was not revealed at the time is the price that the new model will involve. Ford has rectified that, so we can now make a decision after balancing costs with quality.Is The 2013 Ford Fusion Worth $39,000?

So, to cut the waiting short I must let you know that if you are interested in getting a 2013 Ford Fusion fully equipped and non-hybrid you will have to dig deep in your pockets and make available $39,000. That price is not for those faint hearted, but makes available some new features that are innovative enough to be worth paying every cent of that price. For instance, those who often have problems parking their car will be grateful for the active park assist while those who like to stay safe while driving will appreciate the lane-departure warnings and the possibility of the car to help its driver keep the lane. Not to mention the navigation system that you can control by voice and the audio system that benefits from the presence of 12 speakers and the expertise of Sony. These bonus features come as additions to the all-wheel drive and the EcoBoost engine with a capacity of 2 liters.

All those features are definitely impressive, but you still have to ask yourself if it’s worth paying $40,000 on such card when for $10,000 extra you can have a comparably equipped BMW 3-Series.

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