It Came From Hell – Nissan Juke by Impul –

Nissan Juke by Impul

If this isn’t your first time on RPMGO, you probably know that we’re not big fans of the Nissan Juke. Well, the tuning specialists over at Impul have managed to do something that I thought was virtually impossible: make the car even uglier. Well, they did it!

They’ve installed a new grille, a front spoiler, rear diffuser, aerodynamic side skirts and that ridiculously big rear wing. The standard Juke doesn’t look that bad if you look at its back but this one looks horrible. The only thing that saves this new design is that new set of 19-inch alloy wheels which looks pretty nice, too bad that the car isn’t.

Nissan Juke by Impul

Impul offers a remapped ECU for the models fitted with the 1.5-liter engine or the 1.6-liter unit, but they didn’t reveal any performance figures. They did however say that it will “improve engine response and mileage.”

They also can offer a sport-tuned suspension, a stainless steel sport exhaust system as well as a high performance braking system.

Source: Impul via WCF

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