Italian police Lamborghini gets into huge car crash after reckless driver cuts it off |

We’ve been seeing multiple and interesting police cars lately, from Abu Dhabi’s Nissan GT-R to the US Dodge Challenger R/T, but they still can’t take on Italy’s Lamborghini Gallardo taskforce, which was constituted by two models donated by the supercarmaker to the Italian police force.

But sadly “was” is the correct tense, as one of the beautiful supercars has been involved in a big crash, near Cremona, due to a reckless driver of a Seat Ibiza which pulled out from a gas station and didn’t make sure he could do so.

According to the report, he clipped the police Gallardo which was returning from a convention on safe driving, which lost control and crashed into a row of parked vehicles, with one car managing to get on the roof of the Italians supercar.

Luckily, the two police officers received only minor injuries, but will have a lot of explaining to do and overtime to finish in order to justify the cost of repairing (if that can even be done) of supercar which costs around $200,000. Thanks for the tip, Gideon!

Source: The Guardian

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