Jaguar Working On All-Wheel-Drive XJ –

2011 Jaguar XJ

The British automaker Jaguar revealed a few days ago that in less than two years the company will launch an all-wheel-drive version of its flagship model, the elegant XJ sedan. This launch will coincide with the model’s mid-cycle refresh and with this move the company hopes to boost sales in the northern U.S.

In addition to this model, Jaguar is working on new and updated models to increase its sales all around the world. Rumors say that they will roll out a small luxury sedan that will be slotted below the XF and will have a base price of about 28,000 pounds.

Before launching this baby sedan, the 4-cylinder diesel version of the XF will be introduced and Jaguar hopes to steal some of the customers that want to buy a diesel-powered 5-Series. In Europe, the 4-cyilnder diesel models account for 60% of 5-Series sales.

Source: via Autoblog

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