Jaguar XF get police car treatment in the UK |

Turning one of your models into a police car is quickly becoming one of the greatest ways to advertise that specific model, if you’re a carmaker.

Joining other novel ideas like Abu Dhabi’s Fiat 500 or the Nissan GT-R, or the Scottish police’s Audi Q7, the Central Motorway Police Group, which patrols the motorways across the Midlands of the UK, has just announced that it will deploy seven police-spec Jaguar XF models.

These new police cars started life as Diesel S models, powered by a 3.0-liter engine capable of 275 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque. Their impressive fuel average, 42 mpg (UK) and pretty low emissions, 179 g/km of CO2, made them suitable for police duty.

As such, the ‘rozzers’ added a new roof-mounted light bar, side alley lights, blue and white LED lamps in the front grille plus other such things in the rear light clusters. For added efficiency, improved electronics and new systems were added on the inside of the police Jag.

Source: CarScoop

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