Jaguar XF not a secret any more |

After we’ve seen the Jaguar XF caught almost uncovered and after an official photo leaked but we removed it at Jaguar’s request, here is the real deal. The mistery is over, as a lot of official photos ‘invaded’ the internet, and here are the most interesting.

The Jaguar XF, which is meant as a competitor of the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedans will be offered in the US with two versions of the 4.2 liter engines, one developing 300hp and the other 420hp (supercharged version), plus a 500 hp version coming next year.

With the debut scheduled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Jaguar XF will have the JaguarDrive Selector feature, which consists of a rotary shift interface that, once the car is turned on, it rises to the palm of the driver’s hand and can be rotated to select park, reverse, drive and sequential mode. Click ‘Read More’ for the rest of the photos.

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