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A few days ago, the new Mercedes Benz CLC (which is actually the new SportCoupe) was introduced. The SportCoupe was never a big success for Mercedes, because it’s not a hatchback, it’s not a coupe, it’s something in between, which I don’t think has too much appeal. Anyways, since they’ve created the new generation, guess… …read the full post

BMW announced that, on January 29, built its 5 millionth 5 Series. The model was a 530d Sedan in a Carbon Black Metallic color (yeah, it looks blue to us too). BMW began the production of the 5 Series 36 years ago, in 1972 and the current generation, the fifth, debuted in 2004. The 5 Series, which has always set high standards in the luxury sedan market,… …read the full post

If you’d ask someone what can you do with a car, I bet you most answers would be “you can drive it” and no one would say “you can play it”. And they’d be wrong, because look at this Ford Focus (or at least what’s left of it). Two American musicians, composer Craig Richey and sound designer Bill Milbrodt stripped… …read the full post

Once again, eBay is the place for the weirdest most interesting cars we get to see around here. And here’s the latest one, put up for auction today. This thing you see here is a Corvette monster truck, built on a Ford platform. Cool, huh? The car was built by some dude in Hastings, Michigan, has a Chevrolet Corvette body placed on a 1976 Ford… …read the full post

Herpa, a miniature car models German manufacturer, which currently owns the rights for the Trabant brand announced some time ago, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, that it will try to take the “Initiative newTrabi”, in hope it will manage to revive the German car. Now, due to the positive feedback they received at Frankfurt, the company announced… …read the full post

Ever felt angry that you couldn’t pull some nice tricks with your front wheel drive car and were envious on those rear wheel drive cars? No problem, because Tiff Needell, from Fifth Gear, shows us how to do some pretty cool tricks, like handbrake turn, 90 degrees handbrake turn, handbrake turn reverse flick and the Scandinavian flick. Enjoy and… …read the full post

Take a look at this photo…all those people are gathered in downtown Manchester, around a traffic warden writing a fine for an illegally parked Bugatti Veyron. Apparently this is not the first time this Veyron gets a traffic ticket, but my guess is that the £60 fine (or £30 if paid two weeks) won’t make a hole in the guy’s budget…. …read the full post

Truck Trend broke the embargo date (February 1) and, in its latest issue, published the first photos of the Hummer H3T Pickup, which is scheduled to be presented at the Chicago Auto Show next week. Built on the Chevrolet Colorado/Hummer H3, the Hummer H3T is a five passengers pickup, offered with a range of engines from the 245 hp 3.7 lier Vortec engine… …read the full post

Speed bumps are probably suspensions’ worst nightmare (besides paved roads) because I’m sure it happened to you also to drive at night, miss a speed bump at 40 mph and knock your head into the car’s ceiling. But recent studies show that speed bump are not only bad for your car and your head, but they also harm the planet. Funny, huh?… …read the full post

Two weeks ago, Cadillac introduced the CTS-V at the Detroit show and now we have the the first photos of it on the streets. The 550 hp beast was spotted driven by a GM employee at a Cadillac CTS owners meet up. The photos were taken by the guys over at CTowners.com and I must say, I love it, that powerful look is just so awesome. BMW’s M5 might… …read the full post

What happens when you put together an 18 year old driver (possibly drunk) and a high performance car like the BMW M5? Well, unfortunately, you have a tragedy. Saturday morning, at about 3 AM, 18 year old Joshua D. Ammirato and four of his friends were returning from a party and decided to have some fun by doing some high speed on a runway at the Greystone… …read the full post

After last week these drawings showed up on the web, we have a confirmation that this is the Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype-S, which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, in March. The Prototype-S will be Mitsubishi’s hot hatch, powered by the 240hp 2.0 liter turbo engine from the Lancer Ralliart and it will also feature twin-clutch SST gearbox and… …read the full post

Looks like the Tesla Roadster is one step closer to production, because the car managed to pass all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) crash tests. These standards are slightly different for electric vehicles, comparing to the regular gasoline powered cars, because it requires attention paid to the spillage of electrolyte and avoidance… …read the full post

Yesterday Mercedes made an official press release announcing the new Mercedes Benz CLC (SportCoupe). Just like the previous SportCoupe, the new CLC has the front part of the current C-Class with the radiator grille featuring a large Mercedes star in the centre and new projection-beam headlamps while the rear features new tail lights, third brake LED… …read the full post