Japan to elderly drivers: Quit driving! | Rpmgo.com

Halleluyah! If this works, hope we’ll get to see this action taking place in more countries. With Japan having one of the fastest aging populations in the developed world, the Japanese police will try to stimulate elderly drivers to give up their driving licences and stop driving. And don’t think they’re doing it because they have something against old people, but because drivers over 70 are responsable for 35% of accidents happening in Japan.

And the Japanese police are not doing this only by asking them to quit driving, but by also having around 30 partner companies which entice old people with discounts and cash incentives. For example, they get free home deliveries from a department store chain, restaurant discounts at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel, reduced interest rates at a local bank and Domino’s Pizza is even giving them a 10 percent discount for its menu prices.

Now we don’t have anything against old people, it’s just that there comes a time in life when all you need to do is rest and relax and not drive around irritating and endagering other drivers. Because anyone who ever met on the road an elderly driver knows that they’re slow and they’re not paying very much attention to the road. Good job, Japan!

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